BICC Cables is one of the leading companies in manufacturing wires & cables in Egypt with over 25 years of experience.


For 25 years now, BICC CABLES has provided cables for several major projects, across many sectors including Contracting

tourism, water treatment, oil & gas ……... etc.

The BICC CABLES factory is located at Abu Rewash Industrial Zone, km.28 Miser - Alexandrea Desert Road, Giza, Egypt.

The site was first established in 1996 as a joint venture company between BICC Cables of the UK and other investors

and was set up initially to manufacture low voltage power cables up to 3.3 kV.

BICC CABLES was therefore originally owned and gained its brand name from BICC of the UK

(British Insulated Calendar Cables). This company had a worldwide presence within the cable industry since 1890.

The BICC CABLE plant was established using technical expertise from BICC / UK which included the erection of the site

plant installation of cable making equipment and subsequent process commissioning to ensure that products made complied

with the relevant standards for power cables

Since 1996 our product range has expanded significantly along with our production capacity and market share. This has been achieved through the installation of new machinery to meet the on-going needs of our clients and to ensure the supply of good quality cable products.

 Our current scope of manufacture is.

To confirm our quality, our cables are type tested at the premises of internationally recognized organizations such as KEMA (Netherland) & BASEC (UK). Currently the BICC CABLES name continues in use at the former BICC Cables (UK) site at Abu Rewash                                                                                                                                  


Head office:

  • Abou Rawash Industrial Zone , Km 28 Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road

  • (002) 01270600060