Aluminiumm Conductors Steel Reinforced (ACSR)

The mixed construction of ACSR makes it a very flexible medium from design point of view. By varying the relative proportion of aluminium and steel, the ideal conductor for any particular Application can be produced Generally, ACSR Consists of a galvanised steel core of 1 wire, 7 wires or 19 wires surrounding by concentric layers of aluminium wire. When a conductor with a high a high current carrying capacity and comparatively.Low strength required, special construction is available with a high aluminium content

Protection against corrosion

A coating of non- oxidizing grease is normally applied to steel cores of all conductors, in addition to the Protection offered by the galvanizing of the steel wires. One or more layers of the aluminium wires can, if required, be supplied partially or fully greased.

BICC Cables ensures complete freedom from contamination by other metals during the entire manufacture of ACSR conductors.

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